Ideas Behind Development of User-friendly eCommerce Website

With almost everyone focusing on attaining online sales, one of the most crucial investments that you will make is on a user-friendly ecommerce website.

With almost everyone focusing on attaining online sales, one of the most crucial investments that you will make is on a user-friendly ecommerce website. This is the best way of keeping your web presence profitable & robust. If you are unsure about where to start, it is always recommended to get professional help from a sound company that will help you kickstart your online journey.

Some tips to help you get started:

1. Project Planning

The first & foremost point to focus on while building a user friendly ecommerce website is project planning. Even if you avail the services of an ecommerce website development company at first for getting started, the team will plan first for crafting a method for your business that fulfills you & your potential clients’ needs.

The things that you need to do is figure out your services or products, begin market research, discover your niche, exploring the current trend, etc. Combine all these aspects & develop a website that your customers will fall in love with.

2. Branding

Your target audience will always want your website to be obviously distinct from other websites. Achieving the unique look, feel and design is possible with the assistance of an eCommerce website development company. Your customers will also want to see your business logo & colors in means that are instantaneously recognizable.

Make sure the color of your brand logo or ecommerce store is not similar to those of your competitors. Customers will never like to feel confused as then they can regard it as a negative experience.

3. Hosting provider and domain name

Not just eye-catching ecommerce website templates but choosing a catchy domain name for the ecommerce website is also important. Customers must be able to spell the domain name easily and should be able to remember it so that they can reflect the brand’s voice. On following these tips, the chances of your website appearing on the first page of the SERPs becomes higher.

Among the various strategies for ecommerce development, hosting is the aspect you need to focus on. Hosting depends a lot on the content, media and website’s nature. When your website is equipped with a lot of rich media and comprises a plethora of videos & pictures, then it is vital to opt for a dependable hosting provider that offers instant support, security, etc.

4. Trending products

While figuring out the ecommerce website services you want to provide for your customers, you must let them know about the products that are hot and trending. Do not make your potential customers search for the products that you know that are currently trending. It might make them lose interest in browsing your website.

5. Picking the right CMS

The biggest benefit of availing professional services from ecommerce website Development Company is that they help you in picking the correct platform.

Powering any ecommerce website with an advanced site building platform is mandatory nowadays.

Grabbing the attention of visitors without robust back-end solutions is challenging. Scaling up a user-friendly ecommerce website is easy with these platforms as these come with first-rate features.

6. Deals

You will be presented with a lot of ecommerce marketing strategies by a reputed ecommerce website development company that you can employ for the betterment of your business. But it is entirely on you to decide which strategy will bring in the most positive impact on your business. For instance, there will be customers who will show interest in free stuff & deals on your website.

Design everything in a way that the consumers feel that they can completely count on those deals. It truly takes a minute amount of real estate on the homepage for ensuring that the users are receiving whatever they want with very few clicks.

7. Social media marketing

No matter how eye-catching ecommerce website templates you choose, online visibility of your brand can never actualize without Social media marketing.

Product branding is best executed with social media marketing. This is because most online orders these days are put via social channels.

So when you contact an ecommerce website company for building your ecommerce site, you must ask the team to fabricate strategies or initiate campaigns over various social media channels so that you can interact smoothly with your potential consumers.

8. Progressive web applications

One of the most vital ecommerce website features that you can include is the development of progressive web applications.

These are sites that look & feel like an application. Users can browse the website in an application and they do not even have to download it.

Smart devices are currently dominating the tech world. In fact 70% of web traffic arises from smartphones.

Users can do anything on the web with progressive web applications and they will not even need data connection for it.

9. Chatbots & AI

Every ecommerce website creator nowadays will certainly implement the utilization of Chatbots.

Numerous businesses these days are addressing their every business requisite by adopting such innovative attributes for automating conversations with consumers.

Virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby & Chatbots help in improving customer interaction.

Use this popular feature for enhanced customer engagement today on your site.

10. Trustmark

Security these days is a huge matter of concern while building user-friendly ecommerce websites.

Your potential customers must learn about you having their backs in context to securing transaction information every time.

You can let them know that you are very proactive in this matter as you showcase the logos of the companies that handle transactions like GeoTrust, McAfee, PayPal, etc.

Elena Zee
Elena Zee
Elana is a marketing manager at UpFirms. Elena leads the marketing team and also manages content strategy for company growth.


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