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Searching for the best web development company to build professional website for your business?

Below is a leading web developers list with testimonials offering custom website development solutions for the endeavors. Web development has become the most crucial key measures in managing an effective internet presence. However, you will find a lot of web design and web development agencies online claiming to provide the best web development solutions.

This situation makes it highly difficult for service seekers to discover a trusted web developer. Either you are buiding website on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, custom coding or any other platforms, UpFirms are able to help with your quest.

We identified leading web development companies utilizing its proprietary research methodology to assist prospective web development customers to locate the very best development solutions for them. Research the listing of top web development firms that can provide incredible web solutions. Search, compare and engage your selected web development company now.

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How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website Design?

There is more to the success of a website than the whole look and its ability to function. Ideally, you should have a strategy in mind when building a website. The four critical concepts for website evaluation are readability, usability, search engine optimisation (SEO) and aesthetic.



The content and readability of your website will ultimately affect your website’s bounce rate. The more relevant is your content, the more visitors will find your content and brand’s credibility to begin with. Update your website content regularly, and ensure the consistency of the content throughout the entire website.

Additionally, you need to take into account whether there are CSS setting restrictions, and the usage of headings and subheadings to assist skimming readers.



The main thing to focus on the website’s usability is whether it is optimised for mobile users and to different types of browsers. Besides, take into account how quickly your website is loading.

Additionally, designing a website with excellent searchability is essential, to make it easier for any visitor to find what they are looking for. Remember to also check both internal and external links on your website to be working.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While quality web design is necessary for any effective internet marketing campaign, responsiveness will also improve SEO. Your site design will affect your rankings and determine whether you have a robust online presence.

To improve your website’s SEO, make sure your coding is efficient, using the right keywords that are relevant to your website in your headings, title tags and meta descriptions.

At a fundamental level, an SEO-friendly site is one that allows a search engine to explore and read pages across the site. Ensuring a search engine can easily crawl and understand your content is the first step to ensuring your visibility in the search engine result pages.



Last but not least is the aesthetic of your website. The visual appeal makes websites appear more credible to a user.

This involves the colour selection to represent your brand best. Besides, having the right aesthetic is the opportunity for you to showcase your brand’s personality. Every image, colour and word that you choose impacts the personality.

Once you decide on the personality, remember to keep it consistent throughout the entire website.

What Are the Key Criteria When Evaluating Web Developers?

Now that we have looked through the parameters to measure a good web design let us understand the skills required from a web developer.

There are numerous web development companies in the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Fret not, as we at Upfirms have listed the essential skills required by a web developer for you to look at when you are choosing one for yourself. 



HTML is the most used markup language across the web, and web developers use it to create web pages on the Internet. CSS, on the other hand, is used to style the website.

Find a web development company that is knowledgeable, or expert in HTML and CSS to ensure your website is in good hands.


Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are required from all good web developers to ensure a successful website.

Thus, always look for web developers that possess an in-depth understanding of the industry, competitors, and target audience to curate a site that fulfils its objective.


Responsive Design Skills

Your web developer needs to know how important it is to understand how responsive design works. Because many people view web pages both online and on their mobile devices, the websites you create need to adapt to the changing screen sizes. 


Javascript Skills

Additionally, you may want to look out for developers with advanced knowledge of coding languages, like JavaScript which allows the addition of features such as audio and video, page animations, scrolling abilities, and so on.

This will make the website more interactive and functional.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good website SEO is the driving factor that will attract a more significant number of web page visitors.

You must hire web developers that have in-depth fundamental SEO skills such as page upload speed, domain credibility, and keyword content.