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DecenterAds is a programmatic advertising company based in Singapore with its own Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and Supply-Side Platform (SSP). We provide our partners with the latest solutions for efficient ad trading and inventory monetization. We support the most popular ad formats and traffic types.

What you get as an advertiser:
- global high quality traffic;
- advanced targeting options;
- real-time analytics;
- brand safety and fraud protection.

What you get as a publisher:
- access to global premium advertisers;
- high competition for your inventory;
- malware protection;
- online reporting.

We also support OpenRTB integrations.

Find more detailed information about partnership with DecenterAds in our media kit which is available on our website.

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    Singapore, Singapore
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    10 – 49
Key Clients

Direct publishers, website owners, app developers, ad networks, SSPs, brands, product owners, DSPs.

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