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For more than 10 years, Bridge has been helping several software product development companies and IT departments of large organizations who has a common problem – What’s that ?

They are not able to release their software products faster to the market or miss the deadlines always because they can’t find smart, proactive, intelligent and cost effective developers fast. The solution here is - working with an offshore/nearshore team. The problem doesn’t end here and is followed by a lot of questions/worries:

1. How to get prepared for managing a remote team ?
2. How to organize nearshore and offshore collaboration ?
3. How to overcome cultural differences when managing offshore/nearshore teams ?
4. How to communicate effectively with a remote team ?
5. How to manage people in our remote team ?

And the list goes on.

We help people to make decisions, setup and work successfully with remote teams and get rid of their software development problems.

Your next question would be - what makes us different from other companies. Take a look at our eBooks – www.bridge-global.com/ebooks, Blog – blog.bridge-global.com where we share our knowledge and advice.

Explore more on how we can help you by visiting – www.bridge-global.com OR send an email to info@bridge-global.com

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  • Company Name
    Bridge Global
  • Website
  • Location
    Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Year Founded
  • Rate
    $26 – $49 / hr
  • Employees
    50 – 99
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