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We are a team of 250+ technology enthusiasts & evangelists. We are headquartered in Dehra Dun, a Himalayan foothill town in India. Evon Technologies offers state of the art tech consulting and development services to Startups & SMEs.

Our current business model revolves around our decision to work only from Dehra Dun. Dehra Dun has been the biggest center of primary education in India since 1950. This town has produced leaders, scientists and many renowned personalities in India. The basic IQ of most people is above average in our town and most people have great communication skill.

Most of the Evonians belong to this city. This helps our clients in many ways:

1) Low Attrition Rate: You can invest in an Evonian’s training without worrying about him leaving the job.

2) Higher Productivity: We do not have so called "big city" problems like high travel-time & pollution. That makes us a healthy work force. Moreover, with such problems out of the way, we spend 8-12 hours in office each day.

3) Lower Living Cost: Hence lower billing rates.

The overall environment helps an individual hone his skills and adapt to ever-changing technology needs.

We understand that when an entrepreneur starts the development of his idea, it is very critical that his team is able to build it with as much passion as he has. This is the key offering at Evon Technologies. Each Evonian is able to give his 100% to product idea and is up for any challenge. We take pride in our philosophy of 'Progressive Invention' and it is encoded in each Evonian’s DNA. Working on a great product idea and its success is the only thing that gratifies our mind.

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  • Company Name
    Evon Technologies
  • Website
  • Location
    Dehradun, India
  • Year Founded
  • Rate
    $1 – $25 / hr
  • Employees
    200 – 499
Key Clients

There are the clients

1. Gamentio- http://www.gamentio.com

2. Findnerd- http://www.findnerd.com

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