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We are a Design and Digital Marketing Consultancy, best known for our creative wizardry.
Our process is that of Methodical Madness, and the wizards who work with us - (wizards, yes, for they create magical stuff!) - are the personification of Organized Chaos.
Step into our office, and you might have to dodge one of those abstract ideas that our balding creative writers keep throwing around like footballs. Maybe you’d notice our graphic designers sitting in clots, brainstorming strange hieroglyphs like miming clowns. Perhaps if you looked into the corner, you'd find our Branding and Strategy Team sitting solemnly, fingers twitching and blue :: just itching to ride yet another wave of internet trends!
Who had said "You never step into the same river twice?"​ Hercalitus? Well, it's the same with the modern world. Every day we wake up in a brand new world, and our job is to understand what defines it today. What's new? What do people love today? What are they looking for? Puppies? Caterpillars? Validation? Ice-Cream, maybe?
To us, every problem is a sphere, and we carefully scrutinize it from a thousand different angles; looking for insights, facts, truths, - anything - that can help us crack the problem; personify the brand; sell the product; find the perfect strategy; make a breathtaking website; and any other challenge that our lovely clients approach us with.
We love our work, and we understand the strange process of creativity: It's a lifestyle. We have learned to let the creative process surprise us. Every day we come in expecting one thing, yet we walk out with something completely different. Something often spectacular and beautiful.
We respect transparency, clarity, and honesty. We are honest with ourselves and our clients. You will know what is going on at every step of the way - even the seemingly mundane things like why we chose Cornflower Blue over Cerulean.
We are young and we are ready to grow. If you’d like to work with us, please let us know.

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  • Company Name
    3 Minds Digital
  • Website
  • Location
    Mumbai, India
  • Year Founded
  • Rate
    $50 – $99 / hr
  • Employees
    10 – 49
Key Clients

Reliance Jio
Zee Entertainment
Sun Pharma
IIT Bombay
Delhi Daredevils
Shorts TV

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