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We are Europe’s largest Python software house. We have over 200 Python, JS, React Native and full-stack developers ready to supercharge your project with extraordinary code, the Agile way. Based in Poland, we employ a total of over 350 people including Product Designers, Manual QA and QA Automation Engineers, DevOps Engineers and business communication experts ensuring smooth cooperation with our partners. With 15 years of experience under our belt, we can provide full-stack web development and cross-platform mobile app solutions to clients across all industries using Python Django, Flask, Twisted, Angular, ReactJS, React Native and more.

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Mostowa 38, Poznań, Poland

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  • Company Name

    STX Next

  • Website
  • Location

    Poznań, Poland

  • Year Founded


  • Rate

    $50 – $99 / hr

  • Employees

    200 – 499

Key Clients

Firmstep, Seerene, Verve, Hogarth WW, Pixomondo, Unity Technologies, Blocktrade, IMD Optimad, Wunderman, Vyze, Coras, Realface, BetBright, KNMP, Paze, Decernis, Scurri, Buildfax, Newable, finstreet

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